Horse Riding

A memorable horse riding experience in Paros, one of the most beautiful islands in Cyclades gives you the opportunity to explore nature trails with an experienced local guide and ride through unique places. The horse riding tour starts from the area of Kakapetra according various routes. During the tour you will pass from many picturesque sight that you can admire the spectacular view of the Aegean Sea.

-Morning routes-

  • Route: Kakapetra- Parasporos- Agia Irini- Parasporos- Xero Xylo- Kakapetra
  • Included: A combination of swimming and horse riding, sun- rise view, coffee at the end of the route.
  • Route: Kakapetra- Parasporos- Butterfly Valley- Kakapetra
  • Included: Swimming without horse, visiting at butterfly valley, coffee and bites.

-Evening routes-

  • Route: Kakapetra- Parasporos- Agia Irini- Parasporos- Aspries- Taxiarchaki- Kakapetra
  • Included: Sunset view, stop at Agia Irini for refreshment or coffee, traditional homemade nibbles accompanied by souma at the end of route

-All day routes-

  • Route: Kakapetra, Forest, Butterfly Valley, Agia Irini, Parasporos, Kakapetra
  • Included: Visiting at Butterfly Valley, stop at Agia Irini beach for lunch and swimming.
  • Private tour for two: 350€

/per person(min 4 per.)

Donkey Riding

1st Donkey riding tour

This donkey riding tour is coming to give you the opportunity to discover the other side of the island explore the parian nature and admire the butterfly valley during the summer season, which is full of Jersey Tiger Moths, creating an unusual wonderful phenomenon. Also you can see a wide range of different trees and wild plants. The tour starts from the town of Parikia then goes across the area of Kakapetra and the beautiful monastery of Agios Arsenios, following the way to the popular Butterfly valley, which is located five kilometers south of Parikia. There you will find Cozy café that you have time to relax and enjoy refreshments or beverages. Finally returns back to the start point.

The tour lasts 3 hours
Morning tour 09:00-12:00
Afternoon tour 17:00 to 20:00
Price: 30€ per person
50€ per person with picnic
2€ per person the entrance fee for the Butterfly Valley
Included: beverages or refreshments & experienced native guide

2nd Donkey riding tour

The second donkey riding tour gives you the chance to discover the countryside of Paros. The tour departs from the area of Kakapetra which is located at the south side of Parikia, following the picturesque way to Aspries and after that the wonderful little chapel of Taxiarchaki, that you have the chance to admire the spectacular panoramic view. Returning to Parikia from a secret path that continuously offers brilliant sea view and just before reaching the port, a stopover will take place at a countryside cottage. There you will enjoy a traditional Greek picnic that consists of: Greek salad, fresh baked eggplants, tzatziki, souvlaki meat or fish and grilled bread. Local wine is offered for adults and refreshments for kids.

The tour lasts 4-5 hours
Morning tour 09:00-13:00
Afternoon tour 17:00 to 21:00
Price: 50€ per person
Included: beverages or refreshments & experienced native guide